2. 超訳 人工呼吸器
  3. 【Written in English】CE×RM×PS
超訳 人工呼吸器

【Written in English】CE×RM×PS

Clinical Engineer is…

The main role of Clinical Engineers are operation, maintenance of medical equipment, and instruction in medical engineering for patients, doctors and co-medical.
And also, we are engaged in development of equipment and evaluation for introduction of new one.

Medical technology is still progressing. At present, medical equipment is indispensable to provide medical care.
Occasionally, it is complicated and difficult to operate because it has various types and functions.
However, we have to operate it correctly and safely.

Clinical Engineers manage safety of medical equipment as experts who have knowledge of medical engineering.

That means maintenance of equipment, teaching for health care team.
As for special medical equipment, we operate it on our own. It‘s the clinical practice.

Clinical practice is the operation of life-support equipment on respiration, circulation and metabolism.
Respiration means operation and checking at work of ventilators.
Circulation means operation of a heart-lung machine and a polygraph in the cardiac catheterization room.
Metabolism means blood purification. Dialysis is the most famous in the metabolism.


In fact, the most interesting thing about respiration for me is RM.

RM(Recruitment Maneuver)

RM is to send high pressure to patient’s lungs in a short time, which reopen collapsed alveoli.

And also to make alveoli that have never been ventilated ventilate by sending high pressure as well.

It’s called “Open Lung”.

But, nobody has fixed specific method until now.

I think it’s important not to make reopened alveoli collapse again as well as reopen collapsed ones.

I have confirmed effect of vision through experience that I had removed plenty of viscous sputums by RM.

And also, I have confirmed it was obvious showed improvement of atelectasis by X-ray.

It’s concerned that RM would damage for lungs by sending high pressure, but I think it is useful for patients.


For Ex., P-CMV, PCV 55cmH2O, 15b/min, 2.0s, 3 breath method.

Patient Safety

Clinical Engineers are responsible for risk management in a hospital.
The purpose of risk management is saving safety, and efforts at improving medical quality, by preventing accidents and the expansion.

On the assumption that it is impossible to let accidents 0% completely, it’s the idea of how we can keep accidents minimizing, and prevent secondary accidents.

One of these efforts, Clinical Engineers maintain medical equipment.
Equipment will be broken someday. Therefore we repair it as much as possible and maintain it regularly to use for a long time.

It’s also important to manage it in hospital on computers and know where each one is located. The system is called central management.
It connects with reduction of cost performance. It cost less expensive than asking makers repair, and when we buy new one, we can see whether it’s really needed or not.

Clinical Engineers are the only medical professional who has engineering knowledge in the medical field.
One of important duties is giving lectures of how to use medical equipment and the description.

We are living things who have forgotten.
So it’s necessary, we present regularly it over and over to reduce accidents even if the lecture is the same content as before.
There is nothing useless knowledge.
If hospitals are the places where are related with human life, that is even more so.


Generally speaking, you may say “PS” as a meaning of “Pressure Support”.ww


✔CE is responsible for safety management about medical equipment in the hospital.

I appreciate your reading the article all the way through.

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